Reset Your Brain's Operating System

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Reset Your Brain's Operating System

James Greig
2 ratings

Thinking about switching career or starting your own business?

Need help beating procrastination?

Want to finally turn that idea you've been chewing over into a real thing?

Whatever it is that you're feeling stuck with, the good news is that this book can help.

Reset Your Brain's Operating System is a collection of essays on design, creativity and making stuff happen from my first two years of blogging at Greig.cc.

From my experience of depression to ideas for running short life experiments, it explores ways to break out of your comfort zone into uncharted territory.

It's time for you to get (and stay) inspired.

All you need to do is push your brain's reset button.


What people are saying about the book 

"A collection of James Greig’s blog posts with very personal entries about realisations in his life, advice and food for thought. I felt such a connection to James – like he totally ‘got’ me. With every page I was hungry to learn more and soon I had finished the book within 6 tube journeys."
— Natasha Nuttall, Graphique Fantastique
"I read it in one sitting on my commute home from work! I found it super inspiring and you talked about a lot of stuff that really resonates with me"
— Danny G
"I really liked "I keep falling off the edge of conversations". I'm a self-proclaimed introvert, and group conversations are just...blah. Also, there was one part in "The three letter word that could change your life" that really resonated with me, where you talk about not being able to get out of bed. That was a pretty damn good description of how that feels."
— Shane B


Included in the book:

  • Some things you probably don’t know about me yet
  • How to Stop Being A Graphic Designer
  • The art of the uncomfortable: how to hack your habits by running short experiments
  • Feeling lost? Relax. You’re probably headed in the right direction
  • How to sidestep creative perfectionism by acting like a startup
  • The unspoken D word that eats you from the inside
  • You will never be ready
  • A freelance graphic designer’s survival guide
  • Why I cycled a hundred miles to meet my first customer
  • The power of not thinking
  • I keep falling off the edge of conversations
  • That thing you want to do
  • What I learnt about moving forwards by going on retreat
  • The accountability hacks I used to blog 30,000 words in 30 days, and what it taught me about writing
  • Your mind is a jail built out of bullshit
  • Creativity is a habit, not a feeling
  • Other people’s opinion of you are none of your business
  • Knowing when to quit
  • Why I skipped Christmas this year
  • Have you tried turning your brain off and on again?
  • The three letter word that could change your life
  • I never finish anyth


PS. Thinking about going freelance? Check out my free course Before Going Freelance for an introduction to the fine art of freelancing.

I want this!

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